I’m delighted to introduce you to Rosenstaub, a remarkable brand that combines timeless craftsmanship with a strong commitment to sustainability. Founded by the visionary entrepreneur Claudia Weingarte, Rosenstaub offers a stunning collection of sustainable bags designed specifically for the modern woman. In my exclusive interview with Claudia, we delve into the inspirations behind the brand, the unique qualities that set it apart, and its mission to redefine the fashion industry. Get ready to be captivated by the story of Rosenstaub, where elegance meets sustainability in perfect harmony.






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Rosenstaub BAGS: the Versatile future in your hands

"It is my responsibility to help change consumption patterns towards sustainable behaviours and attitudes"

Claudia - CEO & Founder of Rosenstaub 

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Can you tell us about how your brand got started, what inspired you to create a business focused on bags?

The inspiration behind starting my brand and creating a business focused on bags came from the combination of two key elements in my life. Firstly, the talent of handcraft has existed in my family for generations, and it has been passed down to me. Secondly, my experience as a flight attendant made me realise the need for bags that cater to the busy, modern women who are always on the go. I wanted to design bags that are not only stylish but also lightweight, travel-friendly, and versatile, ensuring that they can be easily carried anywhere. By merging the heritage of handcraft with the practical needs of the contemporary woman, I embarked on the journey of creating a brand that offers functional and fashionable bags for the modern lifestyle.

What's the story behind your brand name Rosenstaub, how does it reflect the values or style of your brand?

Rosenstaub is a German word and translates to "rose dust“. It represents the subtle feminine undertone present in all our lines. Just as rose petals are delicate and beautiful, our bags are crafted with care and attention to detail. The word "staub" also has a symbolic meaning of something small and seemingly insignificant, but when combined with other elements, it can create something truly special.

What sets your bags apart from others on the market?

As a small brand we have the freedom to create exceptional and distinctive designs with a vibrant courage of our own. Over the years we have adopted new materials to bring the busy, fun, independent, adventurous women of the world what they need here and now in the 21st century. That’s why today we specialise in eye-catching neoprene bags, while constantly exploring new, innovative ideas as well. For our latest design, we have created a bag by combining hand crocheted mats with side elements made of apple skin, also known as apple leather. The design is limited and each bag is handmade and unique, making it an exclusive item. We ensure the quality of our designs by handcrafting each piece; taking care over the details to create bags that are functional as well as beautiful.

What kind of experience do you like to give to your costumers? How should they feel when wearing your bag? 

Trust, familiarity and individuality. Trust in the durability of the item but also trust in us as a brand and business that was born of craft and colour whose mission it has always been to keep local craft alive. That’s why we are working closely with the best ateliers in Germany and Italy, together with whom we explore edgy twists in the details and concepts of our collections. I am delighted when our bags evoke the feeling of appreciation for handcrafted items. Part of the luxury is knowing where and under which conditions a product has been made.

Can you talk about any sustainability initiatives your brand is pursuing?

As a fashion brand, I believe that the fashion industry faces significant challenges such as overproduction-overconsumption, cost reduction, time pressure, and environmental and social impact. To address these issues, my brand, Rosenstaub, offers permanent collections rather than seasonal ones, which enables us to create unique designs using unconventional materials and colours that can be worn for years. I also believe that it is my responsibility to help change consumption patterns towards sustainable behaviours and attitudes. That means valuing garments and accessories, knowing their origin, and creating timeless pieces. To ensure we are constantly improving, I ask myself, "Are we doing enough?" and "Is there a better alternative?" This mindset has led me to adopt the Yulex Line, a renewable neoprene alternative made with natural rubber obtained sustainably from the Hevea tree, which reduces the Co2 footprint by up to 80%. The result of a collaboration with outdoor retailer Patagonia, YULEX was initially used exclusively for Patagonia water sports products. It has now been released worldwide and I am thrilled to be amongst the first to use it for our new Yulex Line. It is by adopting products like this that we all get to change the world one bag at a time.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start their own small business?

Starting a small business requires passion, hard work, and a willingness to take risks and learn from failures. It is important to have a clear mission and values and to stay true to them. Always.

Please tell us about the serendipitous meeting that led to our collaboration on this campaign shoot in Ibiza?

It's actually quite a fun story. I was in Ibiza taking photos when I stumbled upon a stunning vintage car. As I started taking shots of it, Avieta approached me, introducing herself as the owner of the car. We hit it off right away and started chatting. It turned out that Avieta was a photographer with a talent for capturing the essence of the island and its people. I had been hoping to find a skilled photographer who was familiar with the area, and it felt like fate that Avieta crossed my path at that moment. During our conversation, I was struck by Avieta's warm and open demeanour. I knew immediately that we would work well together, and without hesitation, I asked her to collaborate with me on the campaign shoot. Our meeting was serendipitous and I'm grateful for the opportunity it presented to work with such a talented and wonderful person.

How did meeting each other impact the creative direction of this campaign and the creative Process?

Meeting Avieta in Ibiza was a stroke of luck and it had a significant impact on the creative direction of our campaign. Avieta had been living on the island for quite some time and had established connections with local artists, including a talented make-up artist and model who were both excited to collaborate with us on this project. In terms of the creative process, it was a collaborative effort between Avieta and myself. We bounced ideas off each other and worked to bring our vision to life. We wanted to create something that felt authentic and captured the essence of the island, while also showcasing our brand's signature style. With Avieta's guidance and expertise, we were able to tap into the island's unique energy and create something truly special. It was a fun and creative process, and I'm thrilled with the end result.

Can you describe any challenges you encountered in bringing this campaign to life, how you overcame them?

One of the biggest challenges we encountered during this campaign was finding the perfect clothing to pair with our bags. We wanted outfits that would showcase our bags in a unique and beautiful way. Fortunately, Avieta was able to connect us with a talented fashion designer named Sonia Ferrer, who creates her own clothing line in Ibiza under the brand name Delbes. Sonia's pieces were the perfect fit for our campaign. She used carefully selected, delicate fabrics that perfectly complemented the unique aesthetic of our bags. Her designs captured the essence of the island and brought a touch of elegance and sophistication to our shoot. Working with Sonia was a wonderful experience, and her designs truly brought our campaign to life. It was a challenge to find the right outfits, but with the help of Avieta and Sonia, we were able to create something truly special that embodied the spirit of Ibiza and our brand's values.

"It is my responsibility to help change consumption patterns towards sustainable behaviours and attitudes"

 "It is important to have a clear mission and values and to stay true to them. Always.

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Claudia - CEO & Founder of Rosenstaub 

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