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Hello world, I'm Avieta

Empowering female entrepreneurs, mothers and women of all ages and stages of life through elegant and fashionable portraits that showcase their strength and beauty. My lifestyle photography is defined by a present and mindful approach. I believe in the artistry of my craft, investing time and effort to authentically capture the unique essence of each woman. It's not about a quick snapshots; it's about crafting meaningful portraits that celebrate and honour women's individuality. I see myself as an artist, ensuring that every image is a piece of art. Every moment and every women is unique and special, a celebration of life's beauty and grace. My mission is to capture this special light of each women in a luxurious and fashion-forward style.

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Each woman is shining like a star in the universe with her own unique and special light.


Women Portraits

Create with me a piece of art, let me capture your unique soul and individuality. Experience the beauty of timeless images with my exclusive portrait photography services. 


Stand out in a crowded market with strong visual identity. I help female entrepreneurs attract the right customers with my business branding services. 


Bring your brand to life with my captivating campaign shoots. As a female brand specialist, I create stunning visuals that attract and inspire new customers. Let me help you showcase your products and tell your brand's story.


Unlock your full potential, achieve your goals and grow your business with my personalised mentorship programs. Designed for photographers and female entrepreneurs.

"Own your confidence and let me capture the beauty that radiates from within your soul."

- Avieta

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From motherhood to entrepreneurship - I'm passionate about empowering women to embrace their inner beauty and potential. My goal is to create stunning, fashionable and timeless portraits that capture the true essence of each women I photograph.

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Capturing the essence of women through my lens.

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Unleash your inner beauty and strength with my services. Whether you're seeking a stunning portrait session, branding shoot, or mentoring session, I'm here to help you show your unique beauty, tell your story, and unlock your full potential. Let's capture your essence and create images that reflect your authenticity, so you can grow your business and achieve your goals. Book with me today and let's start your journey!

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Avieta did an amazing job. So happy with my pictures and the stunning experience!

- Veerle






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Join me on my photographic journey as I capture the world's beauty through my lens. 


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