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From Chief Happiness Officer to Women's Empowerment Mentor and Photographer

I went from being a Chief Happiness Officer to a Women's Empowerment Mentor and Photographer. My mission is to empower and inspire women with my holistic photography perspective, guiding them to embrace their unique beauty through elegant and fashionable portraits that showcase their inner and outer glow.

Capturing the beauty and strength of women with a holistic Perspective. Inspiring them to embrace their unique  journey.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself! I'm a woman with Serbian roots, a proud mother of two grown children, and a lover of all things beautiful. I started my career at Google Switzerland in Zurich, where I was the first woman employed at the European headquarters. There, I implemented a people-first culture that still thrives to this day. In 2015, I decided to follow my passion for spreading happiness and positivity and became a Chief Happiness Officer. I advised companies on implementing customizsed initiatives to make their employees happier, more fulfilled, and motivated. But my heart has always belonged to photography. With the help of my amazing husband Youri, whom I met on the beautiful island of Ibiza, I rediscovered my love for photography again. We're fortunate to travel the world together, capturing the most beautiful weddings. You can check out our work here.
When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me dancing, spending time in nature, or hanging out with my loved ones. I'm a big foodie and animal lover, and my dream is to have a happy chicken farm where I can sell healthy, happy eggs. Sustainability is a cause close to my heart, and I love connecting with local farms to expand my knowledge.

I'm a passionate photographer dedicated to capturing the beauty and essence of women. Specialising in portrait and branding sessions, I bring your journey to life, whether you're a mom, entrepreneur, or embracing your best life. My mission is to empower women, celebrating their individuality and revealing their true selves. As your mentor, I provide guidance and support to help you achieve your goals and unlock your full potential. Capturing a woman's essence requires a deep connection and dedicated time. That's why I prioritise ze creating a warm and supportive environment where you can truly shine. During our sessions, I take the time to understand your story, personality and unique qualities. With my coaching and guidance, every shot reflects your authentic beauty and captures the essence of your character. Trust me, together we'll create stunning, soulful images that showcase your unique charm and personality.

Hello Lovely,

I'm skilled at connecting with people and bringing out the best in them.
When I'm not behind the camera, I enjoy spending time in nature, dancing, and making people smile.

I can't wait to connect with you and capture your unique essence through my lens.

Let's create something beautiful together!

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What I'm

The Joyful Activist:
A Foodie, Animal Lover and Sustainability Advocate

As a passionate foodie, photographer and animal lover, I believe that living sustainably is not only important for the planet and its inhabitants, but also brings joy and fulfillment to our lives. My mission is to inspire others to join me in this journey. After all, we have only one world – let's make it a better place, together!

I find joy in connecting people together, spending time with my family and animals, dancing tango, cooking delicious and seasonal meals, supporting sustainable farms and local businesses. 


What I'm

Always eager to learn, I'm passionate about farming and gardening for my dream of owning a little farm. As a photographer and artist, I'm constantly learning new skills and techniques to improve my craft.


What I'm

People without respect, jealousy or mean competition. I believe that money should not be the ruling force in our world and that we need to work towards creating a more equitable and sustainable society.

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What I'm

I believe in the power of sustainability, the beauty of caring for others and building communities, the importance of protecting and respecting animals, eating local, organic and clean food and the magic of chasing our dreams.


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- Avieta

kind words

“Avieta takes the time to get to know you and your business”

Avieta is a wonderful woman and a very talented photographer. I was looking for new photos for my business that would really capture the essence and would go beyond a standard branding shoot. Avieta really made that happen! She takes the time to get to know you and your business and makes you feel very comfortable through the shoot so that you can really shine on your photos. It was great teamwork and I would recommend her to everyone who is looking for unique and beautiful photos. As a bonus I got to see some amazing locations in Ibiza as well!

Veerle - Certified Travel & Life Coach

“Avieta made me feel comfortable. I felt like a goddess. ”

My experience with Avieta was really interesting. We've met once a few years ago at a wedding and after three years Avieta proposed to capture me for my new cover label. Of course I said YES. We barely knew each other and I'm usually not really comfortable with people I don’t know well shooting me, however she made me feel so comfortable, everything was so easy and she also managed to make me laugh. We really connected with each other through this experience. When I saw the pictures, I was so delighted, I felt like a goddess. I highly recommend her services!

Imane Jade - Artist, Vocalist & Guitarist

“What really sets Avieta apart is her warm and welcoming personality”

If you're looking for a photographer who has a keen eye for detail, a passion for their craft, and a kind and personable demeanour, look no further than Avieta. She takes great care to understand her clients' needs and preferences, ensuring that every photoshoot is tailored to their unique vision. Her attention to detail and use of colour make her photographs truly stand out. But what really sets Avieta apart is her warm and welcoming personality. She creates a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere that puts her clients at ease, resulting in photographs that truly capture the spirit of the moment. I would highly recommend Avieta to anyone in need of a skilled and personable photographer. She goes above and beyond to ensure her clients' satisfaction.

Claudia - CEO & Founder of Rosenstaub 

“Avieta has a beautiful connection with the feminine universe”

Avieta is the ideal photographer to capture what you want to reflect about your business. From the very beginning, she makes you feel relaxed, beautiful, and empowered while connecting with your essence. The photo sessions are joyful, fun, and impeccably professional, and that is reflected in the final result. Avieta takes the time to get to know you, understand your company, and find the best locations and backgrounds for the portraits. She has a remarkable photographic eye, a marvelous sense of aesthetics, and a beautiful connection with the feminine universe.

Patricia - Owner of Florando Ando

“Avieta captures the perfect moment. She is the "go-to photographer" on Ibiza"

Avieta is a real professional. Whether you’re a model or just having your portraits done she uses her knowledge in photography to capture the perfect moment while also using her words to comfort and support your movements throughout the shooting. I felt very confident and beautiful while I was being guided on set with Avieta. Her genuine kindness and love for what she does is evident in her content she captures, I’m blown away with the pictures I have from her and would highly recommend her as your go-to photographer on this magic island!

Alison - Digital Creator, Model/Actress & Sport Consultant

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Join me on my photographic journey as I capture the world's beauty through my lens. 


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