Wash away Your Sorrows…

Photographer Ibiza, Happiness, Coach, Lifestyle, Health, Avieta Claessens Photography
Photoshoot Valencia, Spain – Avieta Claessens Photography


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Be Honest with Yourself

This week I like to share some helpful tips on how you can wash away your sorrows, how you can free your mind and soul from anxiety and bad thoughts which pull you down. For me one of the difficulties topics, a topic which needs a lot of attention, a topic we need to address and should talk about.

Before I start I like to encourage you to be totally honest with yourself. This is the most important step in this whole process. Make time for yourself, sit down and write down your words and thoughts. Try not to accuse yourself for your thoughts, your sorrows and fears. Anxiety grows with accusations and not acceptance of yourself and your situation. So don’t let anxiety rule your beautiful and unique mind, body and soul. Change this with only one step: ACCEPT who YOU are, accept your decisions, your dreams and visions. Everything you do or did belongs to you and has a meaning. You can learn from it, you can grow with it and you can change it in a positive direction. Be just completely honest with yourself and accept who you truly are.


Welcome Them!

Everyone of us has fears and sorrows. They come whenever they want, mostly at a time when we don’t expect them. They come sometimes like a tornado, strong, powerful and with a mission to destroy us. We see them as an enemy  but actually we need to turn our view, look at them and then see them as our teachers. Why? Because as soon we see them this way, life becomes easier. So start to welcome your fears and sorrows, learn from them and free yourself of anxiety!


Wash it Away!

Have you ever experienced what water can do with us? Have you every showered, bathed or took a swim in the sea or ocean mindfully? If not, you need definitely to try it out!

Photographer Ibiza, Happiness, Coach, Lifestyle, Health, Avieta Claessens Photography
Photoshoot Valencia, Spain – Avieta Claessens Photography

Water can help you to rinse off your bad thoughts, your sorrows and fears. It helps to clean you also from the inside and not only from the outside. Just let it happen, be mindful for every drop that touches your skin and floats away.

Every time when your sorrows, fears, your anxiety catches you, let water help you. Take a swim in the ocean, lake or wherever you can or take at least a shower. Imagine that every water drop of water, which touches your skin has it’s own meaning: to wash away your sorrows. Try to imagine it constantly during your swim, bath or shower, be mindful with every water drop your body catches and feel what water can do for you. I practice this constantly, also when my brain is full of thoughts so that I don’t see it clearly anymore. As an entrepreneur and business owner you deal with a lot of things and uncertainties. That’s why it was for me so important to find a good tool which helps me cleaning up my mind.


Be honest with yourself, accept who you truly are and let water float away your fears and sorrows…

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