Realise the power of animals, respect and love them..

I’m an animal lover. Spending time with them means a lot to me. It calms me down, takes all my stress away, makes me more mindful and I feel accepted. I’m just incredibly happy when I’m around them!

Animals gift you with unconditional love. They don’t care from where I am, what I wear or what my profession is. They feel exactly my emotions and accept me who I really are. It’s a wonderful human-animal bond which I’m very grateful for.

Loving animals means also to respect them. We need to treat them the same way as we like to be treaded. We need to respect and protect their environment they live in and we should teach and show others how important animals for our world are.

Health Benefits when owning a pet or spending time with animals

I strongly believe that having and caring about an animal reduces stress and anxiety. Various studies also prove additional benefits. Owning a pet lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, improves hearth health and immune system, reduces allergies, boost the mood and also helps socialise easier.

If you have children, let them grow up with animals and pets. Animals give children a greater sense of responsibility, enhances empathy and increases their understanding of the cycle of life.


Try to spend time with animals. If you’re not a pet owner, go to a farm or ask a friend to walk with his/her dog. You will feel more balanced, stressless and happier!

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