Life is like a cake – all you need is the right amount of good ingredients…

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Happy Monday! Today’s Happiness Inspiration is about a happier and healthier life. We all like to achieve a balanced life, the key is just to find the right amount of good ingredients. So let me help you to sweeten it up a bit!


First Step: Brainstorming and finding the ingredients

Ask yourself, what motivates you and what makes you happy. Maybe you have something you are passionate about? Think about little things, like for example a hobby which you love and maybe paused or never tried out. If possible try to think of things that you love and for which you don’t need to pay for. Maybe you like to visit regularly someone, a group, a family member or a charity? Or you like to spend time more in the nature? Write everything down what comes in your mind. Listen what your heart is telling you. If you have difficulties with this exercise, sit down on the floor, close your eyes, turn on a nice soft music if you like or just listen to your breath and heartbeat. I’m sure that in a few minutes you will hear your inner voice telling you what you love and desire.

Second Step: Finding the right amount of your ingredients

You did a great work! Be proud at yourself! How many things came in your mind? This step now is to find the right amount of the activities you love and to include them into your daily/weekly routine and schedule. Pick up one or max two things/activities you love from your list and think how often and when you could include them into your daily/weekly schedule. Try not to overkill your agenda, be and stay consistent.

Third Step: Realise it!

What a great step again! You have now your ingredients and also the amount of activities you love, now it’s time to realise it. Start to live and practice your motivations, your activities/things you love. Be mindful with yourself and try to analyse how you feel now. Could you sweeten up your life a bit with your new routines? I hope YES!


Find the right amount of things you love, include them in your life, be consistent and realise them! 

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