Surround yourself with people who inspire and support you…

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Photoshoot Valencia, Spain – Avieta Claessens Photography


Today I like to inspire and motivate you with my Monday Happiness Inspiration to surround yourself with people who inspire and support you, who are positive and who share positive thoughts and energies with you and others, people who climb with you mountains and help you when you are stuck. Surround yourself with open minded people, who motivate you to think out of the box, who encourage you to realise and live your dreams, who share new ideas with you, who love to spend time with you and who truly believe in you.

Motivate and Believe in Each Other

Support, motivate and believe in each other. Help each other by sharing positive vibes and energies. Create with each other a new perspective of seeing and living your lives. Don’t let fear, anxiety and negativity of others influence your life and dreams. Mostly those people are unhappy and scared – unhappy not to live their dreams and their life which they truly want, scared to fail and to not fit anymore into “the society”. Those people can’t help you – you need to help them.

It’s so important to have someone around you, who really knows who you are, what your life goals and wishes are, someone who supports your ideas and shares your passion, someone who takes your hand and walks through various challenges and steps in life with you together, but also someone who gives you honest feedbacks and helps you to grow, someone who challenges and believes in you, someone who stays by your side and loves who you truly are…

My biggest Coach and Mentor

My biggest coach, mentor, inspiration, love and partner in life is my beloved husband Youri. He inspires, teaches and coaches me in many ways, every day, every minute we are spending together. What I really appreciate and love is his positivity and his honesty. If it’s in our partnership or in our business as wife and husband photographers, he sees everything positive and is spreading ideas. I cherish every minute with him and I’m unbelievable grateful that I’ve got the gift to spend the rest of my life with him. Together we grow, together we climb mountains by holding our hands, together we want to live and realise our dreams, together we share and motivate others to become who they truly are.


Our lives are unique and so we are. Make your life special, create a life which makes you happy from the inside and share it with others who love to be at your side. Motivate others to step out of the darkness and negativity, so that they can see again through the eyes as when they were children. Help them to see and use their gift – the uniqueness which everyone of us has.

Photographer Ibiza, Happiness, Coach, Lifestyle, Health, Avieta Claessens Photography
Photoshoot Valencia, Spain – Avieta Claessens Photography


Surround yourself with positive and open minded people, support and motivate each other, live your dreams because they are special and unique as you are…

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