Speak out your dreams, visualise and believe in them…

Avieta Claessens & Youri Claessens on their wedding
Avieta Claessens & Youri Claessens


Welcome to a new weekly “Happiness Inspiration”! I hope you enjoyed your weekend and are now fully energised to jump into the new week which you can fill with magical, beautiful moments.

This week I like to inspire you to dream, to visualise your dreams and your wishes. Everyone of us has her/his big dream, her/his individual and unique goal in life, something she/he desires so much. Start this week to visualise it, write your dreams down and read it, speak your dreams out loud, record it and listen to it. Do this exercise daily, it’s very important that you have a consistency and that you practice this exercise or better little ritual every day at the same time (approximately). The best is to include this ritual in your daily routine.

Start to exercise  

The best time of the day for visualising your dreams is in the morning, directly when you wake up. Record your dreams either with writing it down or recording it via phone – make this week your morning routine special.

In the evening, before or when you are already in bed, read what you wrote or listen what you have recorded – make this week your bedtime routine magical.

You can prolong this exercise as much as you want, you can include this completely into your morning and bedtime routine.

Important Note 

It’s very important to be patient with your dreams and wishes, and with you. Sometimes it’s difficult to (still) believe in them and not to give up, especially when it takes a moment until they become reality. Sometimes we also forget about our dreams. My advice: believe in you and your dreams – become one with them!

I struggled a lot in believing in some of my dreams and I gave some completely up. But after many years my biggest dream, which I thought will never ever become reality, became true: I found my prince, my love and partner for a lifetime! My hubby crossed my path, he was not riding on a horse like in my dream but instead he had his photo camera with him…


Speak out your dreams, believe in them, be patient and become one with them!