Listen to your Heart…

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Welcome to the new week and a new Happiness Inspiration! Let’s refresh ourselves this week and reboot our mind. Let’s try to open new doors by listening what our inner voice, our heart is telling us. Are you ready for it? So let’s start!

Break Out

We all have have our routines, our ways how we handle our daily life. We were taught early in our lives the basic steps and how to function in, with and within our society, how to follow rules and also what steps would be the best for us, for our careers, for finding and choosing a partner for life, raising children and more. Sometimes it feels like we live and act in a box, we act within this boundaries which we installed and which we put ourselves in.

Try this week to break out of YOUR box. Try to open up this box you’re living in, try to shut down your brain and thoughts who are telling you what’s maybe right or wrong for you. Focus this week on your inner voice – your heart. It will show, teach and learn you new things.


Let your Heart speak

Listen and be curious what your heart likes to tell you. If you have difficulties to listen into you and your heart, sit or lay in a calm corner, close your eyes, put on some piano music or whatever helps you to calm down, let go of all your thoughts, imagine to be somewhere where you feel safe, happy and free. Stay in this position and try now to reach out to your heart. Talk to your heart, touch with your right hand your heart, feel your heartbeat, try to imagine to open the door which stands in front of your heart – OPEN the door to your HEART.

Maybe you see a picture or you hear a voice – be curious what will come and don’t be afraid if emotions come up, that’s completely normal and human. It’s important to give your emotions a chance to show up.


Include your Heart into your Life

Try from now on to include your heart into your life, into your decisions and into your life paths. Try not to fit in a box like we were taught, try to make instead your own garden of beautiful flowers. Also when a flower seems to you not worth it because she is too small, or she is not beautiful enough, give her attention and a chance to grow. Only a garden with various flowers becomes a paradise garden – YOUR garden of HAPPINESS..

You can repeat this session as many times as you want. It’s actually really great and necessary that we practice it often as our daily lives are so busy and we forget sometimes to really listen deep inside of us. We need to listen more to our inner voice – what WE want for ourselves. Therefore, practice it regularly and you will become more happier in your life, your decisions and with yourself.


Try to listen more often to your heart. Include your heart into decisions and life paths. Act with your heart and don’t be afraid…