Ground yourself to focus again, root yourself to gain stability again…

Happy Monday! This weeks “Happiness Inspiration” is all about grounding yourself and gaining stability again. Life can be nowadays very hectic, our work- and lifestyle is more stressful and demanding as many years ago. Everything needs to be fast decided, fast done and fast realised. I felt in these moments always very lost. It felt like riding on a never ending carousel and loosing my whole stability. Disorientation, fast heartbeat, shallow breathing, dizziness and many other things which you don’t wish for were the result. The answer was to break out of this circle. To find back my base.

Make time for yourself to exercise on your posture

Try this week to focus on your posture. Make time for yourself, 10 minutes daily. The best time to practice this exercise is in the morning, when you stand up. This exercise is very effective and will help you in and with many things. You can repeat this exercise as much as you want and also wherever you want.

How to ground and root yourself

Find a place, a corner in your apartment, nature or wherever you feel secure, safe and not disturbed. Stand on your feet, if possible barefoot and your legs should be hip width apart. Close your eyes and keep your head straight, like if someone is pulling you up, relax your shoulders and your muscles in the face. Try to keep this posture the whole process.

Focus now on your feet. How do you stand? Where do you feel exactly the weight? To stand upright, you must balance your body over your feet. Your spine should be aligned over your pelvis, with your weight evenly distributed between your feet. While standing, become aware of your feet. Imagine that your feet have roots and that they grow like a tree who grows into the earth. If you feel distracted or you have difficulties, don’t give up. Instead try to focus on your breath. With each deep breath you draw with your imagination those tree roots which grow bigger. You are a tree in this moment, who’s roots grow and gain stability with each breath. With every breeze you get stronger and stronger. Neither a wind or a storm can take your stability away. You are well connected with the floor and our earth. Enjoy this moment, your arms, shoulders, face are still relaxed. Stay a few breaths in this position and try not to think. If a thought comes in your mind, let it go like a cloud in the sky which passes away. After a few breaths, bring your roots back to your feet and leave them there. Open slowly your eyes, try not to loose the connection with your feet and the floor. Do you notice something? How do you feel right now?

I love to do this exercise outside in the nature, on a rock, in a field, at the beach or in the forest. But you can do it also somewhere else, also at the bus or train station while waiting for your next ride. Nobody will notice it – only you will.


This exercise will calm you down in hectic times and it will help you to focus agin. You will gain positive energy and stability for your next steps!

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