Become the pure soul which you already are..

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Happy Monday! This weeks “Happiness Inspiration” is all about reminding ourselves again who we really are. Due to our busy lives we forget sometimes the importance of being ourselves. Therefore it’s needed to step out of the hamster wheel and to find back to your base and yourself again.

Ask yourself daily if you are still the person you want to be

Our daily schedules are overtaking our life. But did you ask yourself who is truly organising and managing your agenda and your appointments? It’s simple, because it’s YOU.

We all want to be successful, somehow rich, good looking, in shape, happy, balanced, good mothers and fathers and way much more. But did you ask yourself what you really want? Is the life now you have really the life you imagined when you was a child? Are you still the person you wanted or want to be?

Ask yourself daily if you are still happy with the person you are right now. Listen deep inside of you. What was your dream when you was a child? What is your dream right now? Try to find your base and yourself – become again who you really are, the pure soul you was when you was born.

Write or record your thoughts, keep it with yourself or share it with your partner, family or friends. Talk about it if you like to spread it out or keep it secret if you prefer this more. Motivate others to remind themselves and to practice this exercise regularly. Sometimes a stop shield is needed to become the true souls we were in the beginning.


Ask yourself regularly if you are still the person you want to be. This will help you to be in balance with yourself and the world!