Be your own Muse..

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Happy Monday to all of you! It’s been a while since I wrote and posted on Monday the “Happiness Inspiration”. My life became the last few weeks like a rollercoaster, a lot of decisions needed to be made, new opportunities came up and many challenges stepped into as well. But that’s life and I realised again how important it is to be grateful for every day when you wake up healthy, for every moment you can spend with someone you love. In challenging times it’s more than important to focus on positive things, work on your goals and dreams. It’s also needed to take time for yourself, to do breath exercises which help you to clear up your mind again. Morning and evening rituals are also very helpful to keep you in balance and in shape. Now I’m more than happy to share with you again my weekly “Happiness Inspiration” and I hope to inspire with this weeks exercise some of you!

Become your own Muse

This week I like to talk about self-love, self-awareness, confidence and courage. Try to become your own muse, your inspiration, your idol, your own couch. Artists had usually a muse, they deemed them as models for their art. A muse inspired and motivated the artist. Now try to be your own motivation, your guide, your inspiration. You don’t need anyone else, just yourself.

Exercise to become your Muse

Look into the mirror like when an artist looks at his muse. What do you see, or better – Who do you see? What is the first thing you notice about yourself? Please try to see only the positive things, avoid the negativity. If emotions come up, let them out, don’t stop them. Also, how do you feel when you see yourself in the mirror?  Talk to yourself and record your words. I’m sure you have a phone, use it for recording! Then, before you go to bed, listen to your words, your records, close your eyes and just hear what you said about yourself. How do you react and feel when you hear yourself talking about you? Whats going on inside of you?

Do this exercise every day, don’t count the minutes, make instead time for it – make time for yourself. Try to find words how this person in the mirror inspires you, what kind of strengths she/he has. Do you realise any changes after you did this exercise a few times? Record also here your words and listen to it before you go to bed.

This exercise helps to gain confidence, self-awareness and respect for yourself. It helps also to gain again self-love.


Become and be your own muse! Get inspired by you, find courage to accept who you truly are and embrace yourself!