“Fly high, boundless and without any fear”

My name is my life path. Avieta comes from the latin word avis and means bird. I love to fly high and boundless even if I land harder than I thought in the beginning. Life taught me to trust myself and my path also when everything looked impossible and not reachable. Struggle and a feeling to lose everything couldn’t stop me of being myself. I was driven by my passion to reach for the sky.

My life started in Zurich, Switzerland, where I was born. Having Serbian roots, family is the most important thing in life for me. Being a proud mother of two grown children reminds me how fast time flies and how beautiful the world through a child’s eyes is. We definitely need to remind ourselves more how we thought, acted and experienced the world when we were children.

Avieta Claessens

“Your life is in your hands. You choose what’s right for you. Trust yourself and your intuition”

I started my working career in 2004 at Google Switzerland in Zurich. As the first woman employed at the European Headquarters of Google, I implemented the people-first culture that thrives there today. In 2015 I convinced myself to get self-employed. As a Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) I advised companies on all aspects of “Happiness Culture”. My mission as a CHO was to implement customised initiatives to make people at work happier. Through training and workshops, I helped employees recognise their purpose and the great work they do. Building motivated and happy teams with strong bonds is the key to a thriving business.

Through my husband, which I met on the beautiful island Ibiza, I recognised again how beautiful the art of photography is and how much I missed the creative aspect while working in a corporate world. I remembered the time when I was a school photographer, how I loved to capture the moments of a school event and how fascinating it was to develop the film role afterwards, staring at the white paper while the picture develops slowly. I knew, it was time for a big change… Since then I’m working together with my husband, travelling and capturing the most wonderful weddings around the world. You can view all the weddings we have captured here.

“Our power is in our confidence, our beauty is in our soul”

I’m a passionate photographer, foodie, dancer and animal lover. In my free time I love to spend moments in the nature, on a farm or with my family and friends. I love to make people happy and give them a smile. My talent is my ability to connect with people and to motivate them to become happier and more content in their lives. My focus as a photographer is on women and kids.

I strongly believe that we women and mothers can change the world. My mission is to empower women with my photography sessions to become confident and strong. I like to experience them what great potential and true beauty they have. I love to capture the world through a child’s eyes. Children are so pure and always themselves in front of the camera.

“I’m mindful with myself and others. I find freedom and calmness within my silence”

Mindfulness is my life attitude. I’m not only practicing it, I’m living it. Being mindful with myself and others starts with being present in the moment, that’s also what I love about my work as a photographer. Capturing intimate moments and feelings in the present, which become memories for a lifetime. We have only one life, it is unique and special, even with all its imperfections, so let’s embrace it! 

Avieta Claessens